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Automatic CNC bending machine

Product Details
  • DW-38CNC-3A3S-T Automatic CNC bending machine

DW-38CNC-3A3S-T Automatic CNC bending machine

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The product description


Machine Features:
1.TSR series of pull-touch single-mode spin bending machine with Y(feeding),B(gatling),C(elbow),three-axis sutomatic control,in which Y and B axis for electrical servomotor-driven,C-axis hydraulic drive.
2.The processing speed and accurate,suitable for mass production and needs of the present accuracy and stability of products such as fruniture,sports equipment,automotive,aircraft and other piping components production.
3.The machine adopts PLC control,plus the CNC module,the interface of man-machine dialogue operation,setup simple and easy.
4.With the slow corners,and slow-rewind functions.
5.In the process of mobile control on the touch screen display processing value of the bend corner.
6.The error message displayed on the screen to help the operator to immediately rule out.

Product parameters


Industry application